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Organic growth on the basic of random-sampling-technology.

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Basic text

There was this kid-girl traveling paradies on prozac, developing sweet dreams about the birth of her nation; her mind. SIE ENTWICKELT IHR WELTBILD. A liquid universe, feeling guilty. It would take her a few seconds to get up speed. She knew that it was likely to change into a bodyless network of abstract and chaotic thoughts and emotions. Linked with nonlinear strings. HIRN-WELT. The birth of tragedy. She saw the face of an old man inplace of her own. A huge robogun was stuck in her mouth, she was banging her head into a transparent field of ICE. Within her dreamstructure, she lost consciousness and transfered up to a higher level of her paradies. LEBENSWELT - WELTBILD - KATASTROPHAL - 40 dance on extacy der ultimative danceKick. 250 BpM let the bass be louder ritualisierte ORGIEN die hardware zerstoert sich selbst und die schnittstellen werden aufgebrochen. Ich hoffe, dass beim aufwachen die schnittstellen wieder sauber geschalten sind. AUTOBAHN. jede struktur ist geronnene zeit - der anatom, choreograph der im todesschmerz erstarrten koerper. die lehre der zergliederung fleisches. THERE IS ONLY ONE GIRL COOL ENOUGH TO TRADE REALITY AS HARD AS SHE BECOMES THE STATE OF MIND IN THE SPACE BETWEEN, THIS KID. SHE CORRESPONDS LARGE AND WIDLY ENOUGH IN VIRTUAL BORDERLINE DISTRICTS OF HOMELAND. SELDOM ENOUGH, SHE LIES TO HERSELF BUT ALL OTHERS DO. IN THE NET, SHE CLIMBS THE GRID-STAIRS TO EGO-HEAVEN, THE BACKYARD OF LOGO-CITY. FAR AWAY, THE WASTELAND AROUND THE RIO GRANDE. SHE IS THE QUEEN. THE HEAT BLASTING BUBBLES INTO HER BRAINSUPPLY-MONITOR, FEELING IRRITATED. LEBENSWEISE. LOG ON. NERVOUS-SYSTEM BREAKDOWN.