an etoy.BRAINHARD product


This zone represents machine-generated TXT, high-tech TXT-processing and online-poetry.

The new aera od digital-publishing demand for a new technique of writing. PROCESS-ORIENTED TXT-GENERATION. You have entered this machine, you can be part of it. The times you went to a bookstore and found several new published books on the shelf are over. Today, you can observe and manipulate the creation, even the first thought before one word is written. You can see daily changes, the growth of text and it's concept, the depression and the death.

The actual textes are combined words, sentences and fragments in english and german. The combination of these two esthetic languages will define a new concept of language. Essentially it is a linear string of latin characters. Everything else is pure interpretation !

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etoy.BRAINHARD built a 3D-TEXT zone (V 1.0) for VRML-Browsers. travel through context, link yourself into trouble by consuming unfriendly statements. again and again... FUCK YOU !

The TXT-PROCESSING Sub-Tank contains the procjects "apocalypse.txt" and "S2.txt" of etoy.BRAINHARD.

The TXT-SAMPLING-tool allows you to interact directly with our server and to process unique text you can download. Your input will create a unique output.

email-TERROR. Read and write abstract brain-excesses. Interact with your local machine, the net and the etoy.SERVER. This is not MTV, this is not a newsgroup, this is NEW ! Digital avantgarde artists, young, hardcore, techno. Welcome to the next level of human intelligence.

The HARDCORE-zone contains underground poetry and machine-generated txt. There will develop a parallel digital library of contemporary literature that you wouldn't want to miss but as soon as you read the first words, you would pray to god to stop, to kill the people and machines and to forget everything you saw.

theory and love

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