0. HANS X, the very basic etoy concept by zai / bernhard, 1993

1. etoy.HOLDING , link to the mother company, the honest corporation
1. etoy.com , link to the famous, the notorious domain, since 1994

2. the etoy.TANKSYSTEM, the homebase of the etoy.AGENTS, 1994-1997
3. WORDWAR, text-engine by etoy.BRAINHARD / HANS BERNHARD [part of the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM], 1995-1996
4. the digital hijack, online action and media hack [awarded with golden nica / ars electronica], 1996

2. etoy.FASTLANE, the etoy techno-internet-ecstasy party in zurich/switzerland
5. helicopter action, etoy madness and action on a swiss glacier [pictures, movies], 1996
6. tv mediahack switzerland, hijack of a live tv-show, 1996

8. protected by etoy
9. etoy.FOLDER
0. etoy.TANK-17 and the general etoy.TANK CONCEPT
3. etoy.CORPORATE-EMPLOYEES attacked and injured in san diego, 1999
8. TOYWAR / press / sites, the legendary battle eToys vs. etoy

2. graphical works by etoy
1. MOVIES and REPORTAGES on etoy
2. etoy.POPMUSIC, unreleased pop-tunes from the manchester studios

2. the etoy.AGENTS and their functions and share in the respective companies

4. etoy.BRAINHARD, brainhard.com, the birth of a internet super-star
5. etoy.BRAINHARD / etoy.HANS, all you wanna know about the STRATEGIST and PROMOTION-HAMMER
5. design and visual work by etoy.BRAINHARD / e01, 1993-1997
5. etoy.HANS [etoy.HOLDING, web-sites and action concepts, trademarks and conflicts], 2000-2002

1. zai_bernhard / plastic elastic 4d
6. etoy web-site for the dept. of visual media, univ. of applied arts in vienna, prof. peter weibel

9. etoy.OBJECTS_TROUVEE, the golden selection
0. the etoy.FANCLUB in hungary

0. "leaving reality behind", book, manuscripts, feedbacks and background infos
1. etoy.MAIL-HISTORY, the full collection [partially censored] of emails between 1994-1996




copyright 2002 HANS BERNHARD