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1. brainhard.com web-site local version 1.0, 2001-2002
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3. luzius europa brainhard photo-series, basle / switzerland, 1992
4. luzius europa brainhard textual product, german, 1991-1993


the name "brainhard" was created around 1991 during phases of extensive
textual madness on my apple notebook. a bottle of whiskey per night and
2-3 hours of sleep, then get up and work an 8-10 hour shift on my
regular job in the logistics business. i was 18 years old, my alias was
luzius europa bernhard and then, almost at the end of this one year hardcore
process, i transformed myself [HANS BERNHARD] into luzius europa
brainhard, because that is what it felt like and that is what i still am to day.
brain hard! then, during the etoy founding, all agents were transforming their
"regular" name into an etoy name. so, etoy.BRAINHARD or etoy.GOLDSTEIN
were products of this transformation process. still today, there are some
people within the etoy.CORPORATION refering to HANS BERNHARD
as brainhard. there is a beautiful photo series of "brainhard" in his good old
bukowski "post" days in basle / switzerland.




copyright 2002 HANS BERNHARD