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etoy - the first street-gang on the internet



etoy.Helicopter-Action, Swiss glacier 1996


etoy.Corporate-Identity [etoy.Business-Card | etoy.Sun-Glasses], 1996


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digital hijack
Hans Bernhard Lecture
Leaving Reality behind - The Book






1994-1999 etoy.CORPORATION
1999-2005 etoy.holding

etoy was the first streetgang on the internet, a glamourous boygroup consisting of designers, architects, popstars, marketing agents and systems engineers/coders with a strong corporate identity and a network of global corporations and agents. The main corporate slogan: leaving reality behind...

The etoy.CORPORATION is a controversial global player online since 1994. The etoy.HOLDING focusses on strategic investments, finances, legal disputes and global trademarks (China, U.K., EU, Kazahstan, Malaysia, Mali, el. al.)

etoy uses the corporate structure to maximize cultural value and pervert legal systems: the final links in the value chain. For etoy the dramatic problems of globalization are not to be solved by simply rejecting global markets and legal systems. Economic exchange drive companies, culture, individuals and politics. By sharing risk, resources, maintaining a strong brand and maximizing the shareholder value, the etoy.CORPORATION seeks to explore legal strength and social, cultural and financial value.

etoy is the author of infamous projects such as: the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM, the digital hijack, etoy.SHARES, etoy.TANK-17, TOYWAR.

2003 HarperCollins published "Leaving reality behind", a book about the history of etoy, eToys and the Internet, written by Regula Bochsler and Adam Wishart.

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