for purchase orders, please send us an email to shop@hansbernhard.com and please do
not forget to specify the object you would like to order [best cut&paste exact description
into your email].

CNN "burden of proof" original video-tape [or cd-rom or dv], including breaks [.com
commercials]. this is a 30 min. value, a 2000 edition, hand signed and stamped by HANS
BERNHARD and LIZVLX, EURO 650.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment].

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photo series, hand signed and stamped by HANS BERNHARD. prices up to negotiation, depending on number
of prints and the series

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"leaving reality behind" by adam wishart and regula bochsler, the 2002 book about the history
of etoy, eToys and the internet, hand-edited with pen, hand-corrected and commented,
signed and stamped version by HANS BERNHARD

hardcopy U.K. edition, EURO 750.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment]
hardcopy U.S. edition, EURO 850.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment].
paperback U.K. edition, EURO 45
0.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment]
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this is only a sample, most foriginals will be uncensored verions, click to enlarge

foriginal [V]ote-auction set, document multiple, hand-signed and stamped set [minimum 8 sheets
upto 12 sheets depending on the law suit and state]. you can choose between the following
states: illinois, wisconsin, massachussetts, missouri, texas, arizona, california, florida, utah,
indiana, new york, north dakota.

set-price EURO 450.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment]

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foriginal HANS BERNHARD bipolar affective disorder set, document multiple, hand-signed
and stamped set [minimum 5 sheets upto 15 sheets]. the sets include prescriptions, attests,
hospital food documents and the birth certificate of HANS BERNHARD. set-price EURO 900.-
[incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment]

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foriginal HELMUT LANG HANS BERNHARD hand branded mental hospital pyjama [top
and pants]. for casual summer outside opportunities or sexy parties at home. unikate, hand-
signed and branded by HANS BERNHARD. excellent material. the set includes a 2 piece
pyjama, a signed and stamped picture of the piece and a web-page on HANSBERNHARD.COM
with the picture and the owners name [on demand].

set-price EURO 1600.- [incl. shipping, advance bank-paiment]

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copyright 2002 HANS BERNHARD