SWISS; MALE PH music and community LECTURE AND LIVE-ACT PARTY carl is a net.artist and at the same time. carl is an etoy.AGENT. he has been developing Š a platform for music makers using only computer games sound sampling Š during the last two years. also does play live acts and has net.users all over the world, among them some quite famous djÕs. site: OPEN [contacted: interested]
belgian & dutch, MALE AND FEMALE ? ? LECTURE joanand dirk are, the famous couple and site. They are one of the very few all-time leaders in the short but eventful history of they develop projects usually involving a great amount of programming. One particlœlar aspact of their work is in playing and manipulating computer operating systems, manipulating computer games and developing pixel art. Site: http:// Nationality: OPEN [contacted: interested

andy mueller, ICANN
GERMAN, MALE GI POLITICAL LECTURE andy is, i.e. a member of the famous and notorious hacker association ccc (computer chaos club). In 2000, he got elected into the board of ICANN as an at-large director. OPEN [contactd: interested, depends on date]


jeanette@medea.wz-berlin.d GERMAN, FEMALE GI POLITICAL LECTURE e jeanette is a politics scients by terms of her academic studies and work. She is acitve within the surroundings of ICANN and holds a lot of lectures on ICANN and the evolvement of the internet in genereal. -
jana, CZECH/ AUSTRIAN, FEMALE     TECH + BIZ + CULTURE jana is a very young highly talented coder. she currently works with SILVER SERVER as fiber optical specialist. OPEN [contacted, waiting for reply]
marky goldstein [r.o.s.a]
SWISS AND ENGLISH, MALE PH or BC BUSINESS LECTURE marky is an etoy.AGENT. he is the international c.e.o. of, a internet agency for webdesign, web technics and web marekting and consulting. Site: Nationality: british OPEN [interested, friday/week-end prefered]
Rachel Baker
BRITISH, FEMALE BC NET.ART LECTURE, WRKSHP? one of the founding members of OPEN [contacted, waiting f/ reply
Vuk Cosic ,
SLOVENIAN, MALE ? ASCII-ART LECTURE Cultural Link program, SCA the star of ASCII off- and online art. OPEN [contacted, waiting f/reply]
Alfred Rotert, Goethe Ins GERMAN, MALE GI net.theory LECTURE net theoretician and one of the curators of European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck. open [should be contacted by galia]
3jane, judith
AUSTRIAN, FEMALE ? NET.ART LECTURE, WRSKHP judith is a young net.artist currently working on RESTAT and some top-secret global action she will present in sofia OPEN [contacted, ok, will come]
drx, dragen epenschied
GERMAN, MALE GI NET.ART, LITERATURE, MUSIC LECTURE, WRSKHP drx is one of the super-talents in the international media-landscape, he is musiican [bodenstaendig 2000, rephlex-artist..] and was a student of olia lialina. he is the creator of association-blaster, a assoc. textual engine on the net. OPEN [invited, interested, depends on date
tapio makela tapio@???
FINNISH; MALE   NET.THEORY LECTURE Net.artist, curator, board member for M-cult Finnish association for media culture at -
eric kluitenberg   DUTCH, MALE   NET.THEORY LECTURE Net theoretician, curator, Program Co-ordinator for Culture & New Media at De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, and one of the founding member of the European Cultural Backbone. -