0. introduction

HANSBERNHARD.COM is the only - fully incomplete and non-working - global ressource
for all things, products, projects, ......................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
publications pictures, movies, texts evolving around the internet pop-star, hardcore net.artist,
radical performance maniac and maverick businessman HANS BERNHARD [a.k.a. e01,
etoy.BRAINHARD, etoy.HANS, hans_extrem, luzius a. bernhard, david arson, dr. andreas
bichlbauer, bart kessner, h_e...] his style can be described as a mix between andy kaufman and
jeff koons, his actions can be seen as underground matthew barneys and the early john lydon,
his gesamtkunstwerk has been described as duchampian and beuyssche and his everyday
philosophy is best described in the ubermorgen slogan:

"it's different because it is fundamentally different!"

HANS BERNHARD is a founding member of etoy, and a major shareholder of the
etoy.CORPORATION and the etoy.HOLDING. he won the golden nica, the first price at the
most important new media festival, ars electronica [net.art-category], in 1996.
BERNHARD is a founding member of ubermorgen, the ubermorgen holding, the esof ltd, the
voteauction ltd, and brands such as: etxtreme.ru, , [V]ote-auction, NAZI~LINE and IPNIC, all
evolving around his collaboration with business-terror-style bitch lizvlx a.k.a maria haas, and
other working partners including carl from micromusic, udatny and goldstein from rosa.com,
aaron from lo-res.org, sebastian luetgert from textz/rolux, james baumgartner, RTMark.com,
eyeriz, johannes gees, spooky, drx and alvar freude, dplanet, dextro, tomato, praystation... and
many more. to check HANS BERNHARDS' horizontal network, visit credits / partners via the
index site.

new haven / connecticut as the son of dr. h.p. bernhard and a. bernhard, both genetic scientists
at the YALE UNIVERSITY. as white, male, european, middleclass boy,
HANS dropped out
of school very early and focused on working his drug habit [alcohol, dope, nicotine, lsd, xtc,
food, work] and exploring the world for over 15 years, sometimes close to death, somtimes lost,
but always online and on or over the edge. then, 2000-2002 he radically stopped taking
any non-prescription drugs and went into a heavy manic crisis spring 2002 during the
design indaba in south africa. after psychiatric and drug treatment [including a 3-week
hospital residency], HANS BERNHARD was reborn. stronger and even more focussed he is
pursuing his personal career as a respected global researcher and stuntmen in the fields of digital
communication, media hacking, fine art & business pop-action. publications of his work appeared
in all global mass-media, including lengthy special features on CNN but also extensive coverage
in i.e. italian and korean underground magazines.

to make all data globally available for free, HANS BERNHARD does not publish in book form
[although there are several publications about his work]. his main publication shall be the site
HANSBERNHARD.COM. over the next years, all necessary material, from the early days in
switzerland, the early and sometimes late days of etoy and ubermorgen, shall be published under
this url
. it will take 1000s and 1000s of hours to format and embedd the digital material, to scan
all print material, to ocr this material and to properly publish it online. young and goodlooking
digital workers are invited to participate in this work in order to make it available to the general

yours truly,

bart kessner




copyright © 2002 HANS BERNHARD