curriculum vitae / lebenslauf

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mag. luzius a. bernhard
hans_extrem / h_e / he
e01 / 01 / agent.01
dr. andreas bichlbauer
david arson
bart kessner







born: july, 23rd, 1973, new haven, connecticut / usa


citizen of chur-maienfeld / gr / switzerland
the united states of america


mothertongue german and english,
additional language french




hollandstrasse 7/19, 1020 vienna / austria





ars electronica 1996, linz / austria, golden nica [.net-category] for etoy / hijack.org






education and research

acceptance of and writing on dissertation. theme: „ MEDIA HACKING – negative affirmation
strategies described by prof. Brock and compared to affirmative strategies of internet activism
and artists". prof. bazon brock [emmeritus], bergische universitaet, wuppertal / germany.

magister artium [M.F.A.], university of applied arts in vienna/austria.diploma-projekt:
etxtreme.ru | coding the lyrics to the code", prof. peter weibel.

residency at ljudmila,
ljubliana/slovenia, etxtreme.ru concept and code development with
daniel udatny [etoy.DAVE], invited by vuk cosic and luka frelih

university of applied arts in vienna, consulting member of the election comitte for the
guest professor [4 year ZKM contract of prof. peter weibel]. elected guest professor: karel dudesek

1st diploma [B.A.], university of applied arts in vienna/austria projekt: „etoy, the
digital hijack", prof. peter weibel.

university of applied arts, vienna/austria, department „visual media creation" [visuelle
mediengestaltung], prof. peter weibel.

guest-student [9 months], UCSD [university of california, san diego], prof. lev manovich

digital research & development etoy.TANK-17 and etoy.SHARES, UCSD, prof. lev
manovich / vis arts and CRCA

guest-student [3 months] art center college of design, pasadena, prof. peter lunenfeld

residency at c3 BUDAPEST, digital research [etoy.SHARES, etoy.TANKS], teambuilding
and global rollout strategy development

founding of digital research labs [etoy.LABS] and research & development in vienna / austria
and zurich / switzerlannd [ETH] and founding of the online research platforms etoy.
TANKSYSTEM and http://caad.arch.ethz.ch/

agg, gymnasium, basle/ switzerland

logistic education [apprenticeship danzas.com, basle/ switzerland]

music school, basle/switzerland, classic and contemporary drums

assistant, bio-lab, yale university, new haven/ct, usa

high-school and gymnasium in basle/switzerland and new haven/ct/usa



talks and publications

interviews and articles with and on HANS BERNHARD, ubermorgen, voteauction, etoy and related
projects can be found in practically all relevant news-, tech- and art media globally. additionally a search
via google.com [text and / or pictures] and on HANSBERNHARD.COM will always give a current
impression on my activities.

for the fact based etoy.HISTORY, i can recommend „leaving reality behind: the battle for the soul of
the internet"
hardcover by adam wishart and regula bochsler, fourth estate, london, 2002 [or hardcover us-
version: "leaving reality behind: etoy vs etoys.com & other battles to control cyberspace"] and
"cyberterrorismo" by nico piro"
published by castelvecchi, roma [an exclusive book on the early
etoy.STORY, only in italian!].



"leaving reality behind: etoy vs etoys.com & other battles to control cyberspace"
regula bochsler and adam wishart about etoy vs. eToys and the whole story of the
etoy.CREW, u.s. version hardcover, archive collaboration, contacts and interviews


DESIGN AUSTRIA [austrias design association], 75th anniversary, international design
conference, lecture about ubermorgen and it's actions and functional style

D-I-N-A, centro de cultura contemporanea barcelona / spain, talk "MEDIA HACKING
by ubermorgen and etoy"

madreTTor, rotterdam/the netherlands, opening key-note talk "MEDIA HACKING by
ubermorgen and etoy"

ARS ELECTRONICA, linz/austria, talk "injunction generator - how to hack into global legal

"leaving reality behind: the battle for the soul of the internet"
by regula bochsler and
adam wishart about etoy vs. eToys and the whole story of the etoy.CREW, u.k. version
hardcover, archive collaboration, contacts and interviews

capetown, south africa, [considered the most important design conference
on the southern hemisphere], key-note talk "MEDIA HACKING by ubermorgen and etoy",

WORKSHOP„media hacking",
ravensbourne college, london [in collaboration with
micromusic.net], rave.co.uk, 1 week-workshop, prof. karel dudesek

NMUF / NMUF.ORG, new media underground festival, capetown, south africa, action-talk
"compressed recycling of the dot"

BORDERLINE book publication, interview with HANS BERNHARD and LIZVLX.

VOLKSBUEHNE berlin, large panel-discussion NAZI-LINE [with parliamentary politicians
rezzo schlauch and theatre directors christoph schlingensief, carl hegemann and actors]

expo.02, switzerland, amj.ch platform „against democracy" conference lecture and publication
"capitalism and democrazy - the vote-auction campaign"

„SURFEN UND PILGERN" think tank, jura/switzerland, lecture and 3-day discussion
and think
tank exchange



DEPOT / VIENNA, lecture and panel discussion „[V]ote-Auction – bringing democracy and capitalism
closer together"

„ATTACK ON DEMOCRAZY" live online publication, sept. 11, 2001

UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, department for linguistics,
lecture „the borderlines of pr"

ASU, art servers unlimited conference, labin / croatia, lecture and workshop "SILVER SERVER"

VARIOUS TEXT PUBLICATIONS on nettime / rhizome / palais-tokyo / 7-11 / syndicate and
other digital art and culture mailing-lists and web-sites


basle / switzerland, lecture "[V]ote-auction"

lecture „..gov design", bart-n-lisa.com [under pseudonym bart
kessner and lisa lahue]

INTERCOMP CONFERENCE, maribor / slowenja, lecture

TRENDBUERO / MICROSOFT, hamburg / germany, lecture and work-shop "shock marketing"

VARIOUS TEXT PUBLICATIONS on nettime / rhizome / palais-tokyo / 7-11 / syndicate and
other digital art and culture mailing-lists and web-sites


MIKROLOUNGE / MIKRO.ORG, berlin / germany, lecture and panel-discussion

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED ARTS VIENNA, design dept alison clark „ hacking the massmedia"

CCC [computer chaos club, berlin/germany] conference, lecture

M15, vienna/austria, „drama marketing strategies"

MICROSOFT AUSTRIA, lecture „online marketing strategies for product launches "

BERLIN BETA. media conference, berlin/germany, lecture "user branding"

HULL TIME BASED ARTS, hull, U.K., conference-lecture "MEDIA HACKING by ubermorgen
and etoy"

[V]ote-auction, various press-releases, live interviews, standard interviews, user-emails [live story

, university of applied arts vienna, [in
collaboration with "ray thomas / jacques" rtmark.com]

on nettime / rhizome / palais-tokyo / 7-11 / syndicate and
other digital art and culture mailing-lists and web-site


DH2 / DIGITAL HIJACK 2, type0 1/ ubermorgen, conference on media hacking and marketing,
[capetown, south africa], http://www.ubermorgen.com/dh2/

SOFIA, SOROS CENTER and i-space.org / conference-organisation: "netuser", [milena
delvea / soros, galia dimitrova / i-space]

CAT CONFERENCE, lisboa / portugal, lecture: „i-design/etxtreme.ru"

seaFair, skopje/macedonia, lecture"VR in y/head"

event/vienna, lecture „etxtreme.ru"

ARS ELECTRONICA, MEDIA HACK publication of press-release "linux wins ars electronica due to
MICROSOFT intervention" http://www.etxtreme.ru/headquarters/eMedia/guerilla/index.html1998


UCSD gallery, san diego/usa, talk "etoy.SHARE PRESS-CONFERENCE"

SFMOMA, san francisco/usa, press-speaking [interviews, live-story development]

VARIOUS TEXT PUBLICATIONS on nettime / rhizome / palais-tokyo / 7-11 / syndicate and
other digital art and culture mailing-lists and web-sites


UCSD, san diego/usa, email pressrelease war with shetoy

UCSD, san diego/usa, lecture for communications science students "etoy - internet test-pilots"


GDI / GOTTLIEB DUTTWEILE INSTITUTE [MIGROS think tank], rueschlikon / switzerland,
performance and lecture "etoy, leaving reality behind"


WORDWAR, online publication, experimental text and visuals


traditional exhibitions and performances



D-I-N-A, centro de cultura contemporanea barcelona / spain, performance with SCP /
surveillance camera players, placa george orwell / barcelona, "praying for public privacy"

madreTTor, rotterdam/the netherlands, gallery-exhibition "[V]ote-auction - foriginals"

ARS ELECTRONICA, linz/austria, online-exhibition "injunction generator"

, online exhibition "injunction generator by ubermorgen.com".
curated by armin medosch, shu lea cheang and yukiko shikata.

"THE PREMISES" "vote-auction foriginals" gallery solo-exhibition, johannesburg / south-
africa, curated by marcus neustetter
["THE PREMISES" represents ubermorgen and HANS
BERNHARD in southafrica],

, capetown, south africa, performance "chef@moma.org - cut - head - off"
with support from praystation [joshus davis] and tomato [tom roope]

NMUF / NMUF.ORG, new media underground festival, capetown, south africa, action-talk /
"compressed recycling of the dot"

VOLKSBUEHNE berlin, neo-nazi performance by NAZI-LINE during christop schlingensiefs
"hamlet" theatre-play





MUSEUM OF MODERN ART / VIENNA, „moving out" group-exhibition

KUENSTLERHAUS, VIENNA, action performance „SHOCKD ASSHOLES" in collaboration
with MAZZOTTI ACTION [www.amazzotti.com]



ALDRICH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, ridgefield, CT, USA. exhbition "art at the
edge of the law", june 3 - sept 9, " [V]ote-auction / FORIGINALS"



etxtreme.ru online-exhibition on http://map.jodi.org, curated by jodi

ARS ELECTRONICA, MEDIA HACK press-release action "linux wins ars electronica due to
MICROSOFT intervention" http://www.etxtreme.ru/headquarters/eMedia/guerilla/index.html1998

BLASTHAUS GALLERY, san francisco, 5 hour performance etoy.TANK-12 and etoy.SHARE-
CERTIFICATES [incl. etoy.SHARE signing and microshare sales]

UCSD gallery, san diego/usa, etoy.TANK-17 CATWALK performance and etoy.SHARE-
CERTIFICATE performance [3 hour etoy.SHARE signing and catwalk / photoshoot action]

SFMOMA, san francisco/usa, etoy action performance "protected by etoy", various tv and print



c3 BUDAPEST, "protected by etoy" performance, tv / print-features, catalogue, folder and

UCSD, san diego/usa, conference-performance, counter performance by shetoy, and additional
email pressrelease war, "computing culture" symposium by lev manovich

GDI / GOTTLIEB DUTTWEILE INSTITUTE [MIGROS think tank], rueschlikon / switzerland,
performance "etoy, leaving reality behind" [along with lecture]




ARS ELECTRONICA, etoy.TANK-installation 2.0 und performance, panel, katalog-beitrag,
internationale features in tv/print/web.

, group-exhibition „etoy.VRML"

SECESSION / VIENNA, etoy.TANK-installation 1.0, catalogue-text and opening-performance

GAZOMETER RAVE, vienna, live computer-animations, performance and stage/set-design




VIPER FESTIVAL, wordwar solo-performance by etoy.BRAINHARD

VIPER FESTIVAL, VRML-exhibition "aquamicans"

ENERGY RAVE / ZURICH, zurich, live computer-animation and performance

TELEPOLIS, group-exhibition, luxembourg, etoy.VRML "aquamicans"

etoy.FASTLANE EVENT etoy.EVENT-DESIGN, performances, live etoy.SOUND, promotion, vip
specials and legal affairs

ELECTRONIC GALLERY, exhibition of digital etoy.VISUALS, curated by oskar obereder and
franz xaver


projects, online exhibitions, products and companies


, the publication. the HANS BERNHARD platform for
contemporary digital work, the HANS BERNHARD archive, the HANS BERNHARD
HELMUT LANG style. HANS BERNHARD does not publish books but opens his
archive digitally and presents his current experiments and works on this platform.

, internet partnership for no internet content,
media hack project. presented at ARS ELECTRONICA 2002 [KINGDOM OF PIRACY].
generates and emails legal court injunctions in order to shut down web-sites. open to the public.

BRAINHARD.COM, etoy.BRAINHARD, etoy.HANS infrastructure and identity tank.
due to etoy.internal fights, parts of the etoy.HISTORY has been partially erased or withheld
from the official internet web-site etoy.com. BRAINHARD.COM will release or link to all
necessary documents on request and otherwise here to represent agent BRAINHARD /
agent HANS as an individual comic character. http://www.brainhard.com

BERNHARDS.NET, the bernhards family genetically visualized home on the .net. dna-
fingerprints and other sequences, a simple but effective search-engine key-word hack and
growing representation of an old swiss mountain family [walser und rätier, engadin und
maienfeld graubuenden].

UBERNEWSAGENCY, the latest ubermorgen news, fresh and juicy with perfect
beats. the e-nfo-popup about ubermorgen and its‘ latest
developments and products, fights and performances.

NYMOMA ACTION, the ongoing web-performance of the local performance by HANS
BERNHARD in south africa during a upcoming and then ongoing manic episode. the
very abstract and conceptual continuation of the collaborative performance of ubermorgen
[HANS BERNHARD], praystation [joshua davis] and tomato [tom roope] on the body
final offer to MOMA

BURNING MAN v1.0, conceptual work for DOCUMENTA 11. sketches and a short
abstract, released on HANSBERNHARD.COM and at "DESIGN INDABA" 2002.

uberPOPUPS, a series of popups displayed on the ubermorgen.com web-site during 2002
UBERMORGEN FEAT. ALEXEI, http://www.ubermorgen.com/ubermorgen_feat_ALEXEI/
UBERKITSCH, http://www.ubermorgen.com/kitsch/
UBERINVENTORY http://www.ubermorgen.com/uberINVENTORY/
UBERSCREENFLASH http://www.ubermorgen.com/uberSCREENFLASH/
UBERSCREENANIMEE http://www.ubermorgen.com/uberSCREENANIMEE/
UBERSCREENCLASSIC http://www.ubermorgen.com/uberSCREENCLASSIC/
EU WASHINGPOWDER http://www.ubermorgen.com/euroWASHINGPOWDER/uber_EU_SERIEz_WASH.gif
BAYER, an interactive piece of legal digital art and net.art. http://www.ubermorgen.com/bayer/

BLACKBLOX.COM, conceptual work. a highly virtual pop-band/boy/girl-group, a concept
band with a domain, just a domain but also a high potential. conceptual net.art-avantgarde
way beyond understanding and meaning. http://www.whois.sc/blackblox.com

LEAVING REALITY BEHIND - the battle for the soul of the internet a book about etoy,
eToys and the internet during the 1990s, interviews, collaboration on research and sharing of
my etoy.ARCHIVE with the journalists and historician adam wishart and regula bochsler. u.k.
publication by fourth estate, u.s. publication by harpercollins

the etoy.HOLDING.
conceptual work, annual general meeting and trademark administration.
long-term legal consulting, future conflicts within the etoy.HOLDING [etoy.ltd. vs. etoy.com]
as digital legal art. production of foriginal and original legal documents. creation of defensive and
pro-active pr-strategies in case of inner-corporate attacks. http://www.etoy.ag


. a monthly selection of the best ubermorgen .net pieces, structured
chaos and misunderstanding to be enjoyed.

. the current collection of ubermorgen .net pieces, incomplete but complete,
chaos from what is there. http://www.ubermorgen.com/uberBESTOFPOPUPs/ALLuberPOPUPs.txt

BMDI.DE, web-site of the ministry of the interior of germany or alternatively the "bund
mitteldeutscher industrie", depending on the legal situation and pressure. since this web-site is
online, legal threats by lawyers of the ministry have been verbally announced several times.

BART-N-LISA.COM, bart kessner and lisa simpson web-designers for .gov web-sites in the US
of A and the EU. this team [in collaboration with the stunt team from MAZZOTTI ACTION] were
responsible for the ubermorgen KUENSTLERHAUS PERFORMANCE during a design lecture
by bart-n-lisa/ubermorgen. pictures / movie

NAZI~LINE CORPORATION, founding of the NAZI~LINE ltd. company, design and coding
of the web-site. consulting for hate crime infected companies. launch campaign in collaboration
with christoph schlingensief spring 2001. http://www.naziline.com

NAZI~LINE CAMPAIGN. media hacking project. promotion campaign for the NAZI~LINE ltd
and it's hate crime consulting services. a test-platform for the integration of german neo-nazis into
actual work-life [theatre actors at the famous schauspielhaus in zurich/switzerland] . concept by
ubermorgen in collaboration with german theatre and film director christoph schlingensief. design,
coding and digital activities produced by ubermorgen. massive media-feedback, invitation to the
„theatertreffen" [mv german speaking theatre festival]. http://www.naziline.com/campaign/

. do you believe in online polls? if you do, visit UBERPOLLS, if you don’t, pls
do so too. http://www.ubermorgen.com/polls/FRAME_polls.html

IPNIC.ORG. the first „injunction generator" performance via web and telnet [in collaboration with
jemma from prate, type01, altsense, dplanet, damian and francois and aaron/lo-res], displayed and
active on south african digital soil. ipnic.org version 1 / version 2

ETOY LTD., founding of the etoy ltd., buying of trademarks [etoy] in the EU, eastern europe,
asia, africa and the pacific region. the installation of the internal web-structure www.etoy.ag and
the creation of the etoy.HOLDING, the mother corporation, the honest company. owned by
the etoy founders etoy.GOLDSTEIN, etoy.UDATNY, etoy.BRAINHARD and etoy.ESPOSTO.

web-site, a comprehensive and simple web-interface with easy to
navigate content, music and newsticker entertainment and all necessary information about
ubermorgen and it‘*s main characters LIZVLX and hans_extrem. http://www.ubermorgen.com/2001/


[V]ote-auction. the leader of the election industry – media hack project, selling and buying of votes
via the internet during the us presidential elections 2000, international news coverage [CNN, le
monde, FOX, times, NZZ, + additional 2500 clippings]. ubermorgen in collaboration with james
baumgartner. http://www.vote-auction.net / documentation [including movies, original legal docs

BANNSTER.NET. underground content.xChange network; software development with a local
company in novi sad/serbia during the global sanctions against jugoslawia/serbia

SKIM.COM, strategic consulting/communication consulting, art-banner campaign, online marketing /
customer care / partnerships, massive pr in the global fashion, lifestyle and art world.

MICROMUSIC.NET. digital marketing, strategic consulting and identity / street - art credibility,

SILVER SERVER. communications consulting, wording and ascii design, corporate identity, web-
site production, coding and design, in collaboration with dextro [dextro.org] http://www.sil.at

ESOF Ltd. startup consulting and financing of the company [coder/programmer-team esof.net:
alexander penkin, nikolai rangelov, martin stefanov]. ubermorgen holds 20% of the ESOF Ltd.
various projects designed and managed together. software development etxtreme.ru core-engine,
gnutella hack for etoy [beta], cd/flash productions, INJUNCTION GENERATOR-ENGINE, i.e.

UBERMORGEN.COM [haas & bernhard oeg] founder und CEO [consulting, emarketing, media
hacking and fine art company], vienna/austria, optimized legal body for tax reduction and protection
in collaboration with maria e. haas, http://www.ubermorgen.com

UBERMORGEN.ORG AKWARIUM / ****bannerZ platform "AKWARIUM. art banners and
fake art banners by ubermorgen. http://www.ubermorgen.org/banna_aquarium/index.html

UBERMORGEN.ORG WWWiderstand, resistance-net / creativeZ, stickers, flyers, posters, etc.
during the first 6 months of the austrian right wing government 1999.

UBERMORGEN.COM 2000 web-site, for clients and curators as well, a not so easy to navigate
interface with all necessary contact and information on ubermorgen and its services and products.


THEYESMEN / WTO, a collaboration with rtmark.com, WTO dr. bichlbauer, salzburg CILS action.
dr. bichlbauer was invented by ubermorgen/hans_extrem as a comic figure/virtual character. he was
then sent to talk to international trade lawyers in salzburg as subsidiaryspeaker of WTO president
michael moore by theyesmen. find a perfect documentation under: http://www.theyesmen.org/wto/

ELECTRONICA DUE TO MICROSOFT INTERVENTION", spam to 100.000 culture /arts /
journalist target-group the day before the opening. Massive chaos during ars electronica,
accusations towards etoy and rtmark. documentation of this sensationally dirty and
prophetically true outcome of the content.

CITTADELLARTE / UNIDEE by prof. pistoletto, HANS was asked to do online
communication for "UNIVERSITA DELL‘IDEE". the task was to motivate international students
to compete for the summer-stipendia of prof. pistolettos school in italy.

GAMEOVER.ORG interactive game exhibition by fabio gramazio and florian wenz [eth, zuerich].
HANS was asked to do the online communication and marketing-consulting for one of the most
intelligent media-exhibitions in recent years. hard to understand, but simply genius frrom the
conceptual side. exhibited in zurich/switzterland at the museum fuer gestaltung. http://www.gameover.org

COMMUNIMAGE.CH by johannes gees, online communication and consulting for the visual
online community „COMMUNIMAGE", an ever growing universe of images.

UBERMORGEN.NET. founding and organizing the network of digital uberbrains with erica dubach
and liz haas. meetings in zurich and vienna. the exclusive mailinglist and web-site can be visited under

EXTREME.RU v.2.0, web-site, huge database and datamining project, currently running under
http://www.ubermorgen.com/DAILYTOP9/ , development in collaboration with esof ltd from
1999-2002. http://www.ubermorgen.com/etxtreme/home.html

EXTREME.RU v.1.0 [read fast! think later!] a word and context generation engine with a hit-parade
of words as primary output. the brilliant technical idea comes from daniel udatny [etoy.UDATNY /
etoy.DAVE] and was picked up by me in order to realize my WORDWAR dreams and udatnys
code dreams. http://www.etxtreme.ru. the v.1.0 served as M.F.A. / diploma-project, although it never
really worked until years later, here you can see the graphical interface [on which i faked actual
interaction] which was presented to the jury: http://www.ubermorgen.com/etxtreme_v1_0/



etoy.TIMEZONE, 24h are not enough and etoy is different. due to international time-slots and global
travel needs, etoy had to define it’s own time structure oriented on the UNIX timecode, started in
1971. thanks to this, etoy.AGENTS age slower than the rest of the population. to understand this
complex system visit: http://timezone.etoy.com/understanding.php , for the visuals, check out


etoy.TANK-17, the 40-foot cargo-container traveling the world proto-type. there are various
etoy.TANKS within the different etoy.TIMEZONES and geographical locations. these containers /
tanks are built as performance stages, digital production-facilities and agent shelter. they have been
used for perfomance from 1998-2003 in san diego [etoy.SHARE and power-model performance],
san francisco [etoy.SHARE performance], zurich [etoy.TIMEZONE performance and installation],
new york [postmaster gallery exhibition], tokyo ["CREDIT-GAME" exhibition], torino
[etoy.DAY-CARE] and st. gallen [etoy.FAQ single exhibition at the kunsthalle st. gallen].


etoy.PERFORMANCE and PRESS-RELEASE media symposium „computing culture" at UCSD
[university of california san diego]. etoy was attacked by a group called shetoys during a extremely
boring and stupid performance. please read the etoy.STATEMENT regarding this gruesom and violent
attack. http://www.calarts.edu/~bookchin/bad/html.files/etoymail.html


etoy.SHARES PRODUCTION AND SALES. the first ever etoy.SHARES were sold to the chancellor
of the republic of austria, viktor klima. the simple but genius concept we inveted: etoy does not sell
anything except itself via shares. the shareholders will not gain financial profit but cultural value and profit.
since the first shares being sold, dozens of certificates and thousands of small amounts of shares have been
sold worldwide. etoy.com, a subsidiary of the etoy.HOLDING is running this "art business" successfully.
if you wish to purchase or get an offer for etoy.SHARES, pls first visit: http://www.etoy.com and get an
offer for a certificate, then ask HANS BERNHARD for a discount offer [i have quite a large amount of
etoy.SHARES i am willing to sell for a fair price in order to spread and stabilize the etoy.ART-


protected by etoy. performance, SFMOMA. etoy was invited to protect a BLASTHAUS event during
a keith haring exhibition at the SFMOMA. while arriving, the performance already started: news-teams
were waiting for these new san francisco art-invaders. etoy was assigned to do the door-control which
included the arm-tags for alcohol and non-alcohol consumers and the VIP visitors. we took over and
slowly started to transform reality to etoy.REALITY by changing the idea of underaged drinking to
overaged drinking [which is dangerous in california, the whole event can be immediately canceled if the
cops find underaged people drinking alcohol], we put VIP guests on the black list and we let in bums as
super-VIPs. after about 1 1/2 hours, the other security teams slowly learned about the mess at their
event, but it was way too late, for damage control, etoy, the security team, was kicked out of the venue
by the security chief. etoy.HANS / HANS BERNHARD took his megaphone and walked down the
waiting line [about 1000 people] and screamed, "don't panic, we have everything under control, please,
there is no reason to panic", and people started to move and to panic, the security chief started a fight
with HANS and the SF press loved it and brought it all in full colours the next morning.


protected by etoy. performance; c3 budapest, people were invited to the party and at the moment they
entered the gallery, they had to pass a special desk where they had to log in [leave their names and finger-
prints to register]. the whole thing turned into a huge database - the whole party was represented on a
database-screen and during the production, we were thinking more of the database aspect, than what was
going on at the event. every person was represented on the diffferent screens and projections in the gallery,
so they could see themselves represented as numbers. everyone had a unique event number. the strange
thing was that it was called "protected by etoy". this game was a whole absurd surreal protection situation.
people always had to walk in and identify themselves. if they didn't do that there were alerts and special
etoy.AGENTS knew when an alert started, which number hadn't logged in and we would remove this
person from the gallery space, if necessary with brute force. there were people with cars outside waiting
who brought these people to another place - they were removed. every number/persone had to consume
a certain amount of nitrous oxide and we were following their behavioral pattern. throughthe database and
on the projections you could see how many shots or how many injections a person had had. we could see
which people didn't take any shots, or who abused the stuff and got addicted to it. so this was a test-drive
to see how we could visualize a community or an amount of people doing something abstract in an
etoy.SPACE with the constant loop of the etoy.POPSONG "leaving reality behind" [download >>].

etoy.TANK-17 concept

etoy.FOLDER, the folder was the central conceptional and idea tool synergetically used as the first
professional marketing-tool [high-end glossy print-folder]. thanks to the c3 residency invitation, the
etoy.CORPORATION was able to use ressources [space, people, money] from the c3 in budapest.
the central conceptional developements and work of the years 1996-1997 are coming togehter in this
"masterpiece". the new agent names [matt, carl, hans, dave, taki, jack, mark], the etoy.SHARE concept
[selling shares of the etoy.CORPORATION] was fully developed and worked out, the etoy.TANK
concept [cargo containers] was visualized and conceptualized, the etoy.TM / trademark strategy
[trademarks], the etoy.COMMERCE strategy [shopping, e-commerce, credit-games, etc..], the
incorporation [meanwhile, etoy is incorporated in switzerland, germany and the cayman islands as
legal entities of a group/holding called etoy or the etoy.HOLDING]. the etoy.CORPORATE-ID
[corporate identity] was defined within the folder. additionally, etoy.HANS was sent to a reconaissance
mission to california [siggraph los angeles] where he made contact to peter lunenfeld from the artcenter
in pasadena [later guest university for HANS] and lev manovich from the UCSD [later guest university
for HANS and MATT and also for the whole etoy.TANK-17 development and building project in

etoy.SHARE concept http://www.etoy.com




the digital hijack, net-action http://www.hijack.org/

etoy.TANKSYSTEM, digital emigration, homebase of etoy

etoy.PROMOTION, pr/promotion/guerilla marketing, concept&action

VRML-projects ["trace", "wordwar", "aquamicans"]
in cooperation with ETH zurich/switzerland, fabio gramazio and florian wenz

techno-music and pop-music, producer, songwriter [etoy.SOUND]



founding of etoy; base-concept "hans x", research, initial team-structure/internal
communications/corporate identity, vision&philosophy, story

acting [r. valent, in three b/w experimental movies]

acting "wire head" by pfaffenbichler / novotny]

WORDWAR: experimental text, self-edited print/digital [wordwar.COM, tanz du sau]
http://www.ubermorgen.com/WORDWAR/ 1993-1995



radical computer-animations, elastic 4D and etoy, [2x amiga 4000, video-camera, dpaint]
for raves/events and movies [WIRE HEAD, energy.ch, gazometer raves, U4 vienna, and many more]
in collaboration with michel zai [etoy.ZAI, etoy.MATT] 1993-19951990


, [objects, reportage]

various sculptures [metall, plaster]