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Esof Ltd.


Software Art


Author: ubermorgen, Daniel Udatny &

Our core:service is email based;

what you get;
fresh .net.trendz, compressed into TOP9! words. 15 seconds per day and your mind will sharpen. your digital instincts will grow...
but our daily!

our netrunner™ engine compresses spezific areas of the net ,transforming net.content into smart and fresh TOP9! trendz::; pure digital content for digital people... find out how it works...

our vision is to grow into a viral trendsetter for digital thinking, existenze + etxtreme content...
mission:: evolve into a strong content brand and network;: for you! our partnerZ and online opinion leaders...

... read fast! think later!

etxtreme is based on an idea and prototype of our partner this cluster of bots [netrunner™] is dedicated to grab all! text from specified eSources [URLs]. it then delivers these words into a database. this data is then rendered and compressed [dacounter™] into daily TOP9-words [ranked!]. for this operation, the following ranking-parameters are used...

defines daycounts/hits of words. measures the occurance of a word today and an average daily occurance over time. etxtreme prefers very high-volume and etxtremely low-volume words!

measures reliability or evaporability of a words. alternative description: measures oscillation of a word. the resulting figures tells us how volatile a word measures over time. etxtreme prefers very high and very low volatile words!

measures the linkage degree of a word in relation to other words. the poles are an informative surrounding field vs. a redundant field. the resulting figure tells how social a word is. etxtreme preferes medium vulgar words!

Esof Ltd is a Joint-Venture between Lizvlx [10%], Hans Bernhard[10%], Daniel Udatny[10%] and Alexandr Penkin [CEO Esof Ltd., 70%]

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