Authenticity as consensual hallucination

"Just pixels on screen, just ink on paper"

Foriginal Objects include:

Legal Documents [Court orders, Invoices, Birth certificates, etc.], Pixelpaintings, Sculpture, Seals, Software Art [i.e. the Injunction Generator]

[F]original Definition: forged original document; either forged or authentic document or forged & authentic: A Foriginal is always original and unique. Foriginals are pixels on screens or Substance on Material [i.e. Ink on Paper].

[F]originals are non pragmatic - they are absurd. They do not tell you wheter they are real or forged - there is no original but also no fully forged / faked document. Foriginals can be human or machine generated; Foriginals are digital or analog;

[F]original is a sub category of "Legal Art".


The core theme of this project is described in the slogan "just pixels on a screen - just ink on paper" and consolidated in the term "authenticity as consensual hallucination" (Inke Arns). The focus shifts from the authenticity in the time of analogue / technical reproduction (signature) towards authenticity in the time of informational reprogramability (automatically generated bank-statements).

[F]original, BANKSTATEMENTGENERATOR & UBERMORGEN.COM are supported by the City of Vienna [MA7], .KUNST, Pro Helvetia, Austrian Embassy in Tokyo, Austrian Embassy in Serbia-Montenegro, [], hartwareMedien Kunst Verein, Artnode, Overgaden, BAK - Bundesamt fuer Kultur Switzerland & Pure Lustre Inc. (

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